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Children’s Books

Spectacularly creative. ‘What Do I Do Well?’ is as inspiring as it is entertaining. Take a peek into Kayah’s life and watch as children are encouraged to value their impact in each other’s lives while discovering their own self-worth. Children will love relating to Kayah as well as coming up with the things they personally excel at. Such a great message with wonderful characters.                                             – Nicole Thomas, Tallahassee, FL

I read “What Do I Do Well” to my 3-year old son and we both loved it! After reading it, we talked about the things he does well. As a big brother, he really related to this story. Thank you so much for the lovely story and for prompting this discussion with my son!        – Anita Powell, Fairhope, AL


“This munchkin’s book is the perfect tool to help younger munchkin’s learn that a baby brother or sister is not a bad thing, or a thing to fear. I really wish that my own nephews would have had this when their younger siblings were born, because it would have made things so much easier on a level they would understand and enjoy. I also love the illustration, as it really helps pull you into the story along with your munchkins. I would really recommend this to all those with tinys who have another tiny on the way!”                      – Amazon reviewer

The What Do You See series is designed for inquiry, creative thought, and discussions between parent and child.  Use these book to help your child:

  • observe, explore, and interact with his environment
  • build vocabulary and communication skills through discussion of the real life photographs
  • set and meet goals by checking-off items at the back of the book as they are located and recording more things found

Both books take a science based approach to the question, simply explaining that babies come from eggs.  Real-life photographs add to the interest and authenticity of the book.  A Baby is Born is written for children ages 6-10 and introduces classes of animals (mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and fish).  Where Do Babies Come From is a simplified version of A Baby is Born written for ages 3-7.





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