Vacationing with Mom

I took the week of September 6th to take my mother on a small vacation.  She has been wanting to visit a few friends and family, so this week she got that opportunity.  Although I didn’t nap much, I did get to sleep in.  My average awakening time was between 8am and 9am. I drove north to get to mother’s on Saturday evening

sep 5 (2)so that we would be ready to depart on our adventure Saturday morning…not too early.

We left after breakfast.

First stop was the Russell Stover’s candy outlet.  Everyone we visited got a box of candy.

From the outlet, it was on to Gloria’s where the jewelry making ensued.  Mom and Gloria repaired jewelry and created new pieces.  Yes, they even drew me into the activities.  I made two necklaces.

sep 10 crackerbarrel_ (2)

We met one of Mom’s friends and had lunch at Cracker Barrel.  We picked up some of Bob’s peppermint candies while there.

sep 7sep 7 Karen

Virginia Beach to visit with Tracy and Karen.

Karen makes a mean fruit salad.  Tracy was out on the deck cleaning fish caught in the lake earlier this day.  It started to rain, so I wasn’t able to jet-ski.  (Sigh…sad face)

luray museum of the civil war (2)

This is the Virginia Museum of the Civil War.  We stopped here before going on to Luray Caverns where my daughter and granddaughters joined Mom and me.

sep 11 stalactitiessep 11 stalactities reflecting in pool

The underground caverns were beautiful.  We learned a lot about calcium deposits, stalactites, and stalagmites.

On the same property as the caverns is the Car and Carriage Museum.  We took a quick tour before heading into town for lunch.

luray mimslyn Inn (2)

We ate at the beautiful Mimslyn Inn.  The 19th century Georgian Revival architecture was stunning.  My daughter knows all the best places.

We took a quick tour of the Car and Carriage Caravan Museum before lunch.

Going back to Mom’s, we took the scenic route north through Shenandoah Park.  As we drove up and down around the curved mountain road, this black bear decided to cross the street.  Sorry, I wasn’t fast enough to get a good picture.  He only looked in my direction once. luray bear crossing road (2)


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